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New Zealand has some of the most photogenic sights.

For some people, having a family is their motivator. For others, they want to be the best at whatever they chose to do.

But what if, like me, you have no idea what you want? 

Don’t get me wrong. I had, for all intents and purposes, “succeeded at life“.

I had a respected job, working for New Zealand’s largest news site, and was about to buy a house so I could get out of the rental trap (eek, no one wants to be trapped!).

But, life was emotionally hard. And I was unhappy living it. So what did I decide to do?

Drop everything and go exploring until I figured out what I wanted from life.

Now, before you judge me, I know running away from your problems isn’t a solution. But some problems don’t have solutions – you’ve just got to get on with your life.

And life can be f***ing hard and super short, so you might as well enjoy what you can. 

So, I got rid of most of my things (I had a lot of things), found remote work and used my savings. I said goodbye to my dogs (thanks for fostering them, mum), told my loved ones I loved them and hopped on a plane with Adam.



Born and bred in New Zealand, Adam spends his time in search of good photos, bad jokes and an apartment with decent wifi. He likes to hustle for his supper and finding the cheapest way of doing things is a sport. Rarely scared of anything, Adam is a born explorer.


Nancy, aka Nifty, is a former journalist, novelty chaser and self-improvement junkie from London. She hates small talk and being forced to have fun with alcohol. Her proudest achievement is quitting smoking and she’s secretly a great rapper, if given enough time to practice.

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Are you backpackers?

No, can you imagine Nancy trying to live out of a backpack? (Although, she’d like to point out how well she’s done cutting down her wardrobe…).

We stay in every city for a month or more at a time. We work full 40-hour weeks from our laptops and spend the weekends exploring. So less “Backpacking around the world” and more “living nomadically”. As gross as the Digital Nomad term is, we have yet to find a better name for it.

How are you affording it?

We choose to go to places we can afford. A month’s rent in South America, for example, is around NZ$500 and food and living is exploitatively cheap. So we get by okay as long as we continue to work.

How are you working full time?

Luckily, the work we do mostly only requires a computer and an internet connection. So, when all goes to plan, life is pretty much the same as it was back in New Zealand – just our Google is currently in Spanish. We’ve also diversified our income streams so, if something goes wrong, we have other options to fall back on. Plus a fair bit of savings, just incase.

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We’d also like to take the time to thank our families who gave us the space to figure this all out. We appreciate how lucky we are to have the support systems we have. We couldn’t have done it without them.

What’s the big why?

The “why-nots” weren’t convincing enough to stay.

What did you do with all your stuff?

We have a wee storage unit for our must-keep items, but mostly donated, binned or sold. Anyone want a photo printer?

We said goodbye to the Tinkatron… It was a sad day.

Is this why you made this blog?

You know when they say, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? That was the thought process behind Nifty Traveller.

Both of us love content – writing, photography, filming. And everyone has a blog nowadays, don’t they, so why shouldn’t we?

For those of you close to us, it’s no secret that this last year has been a tough one for us, personally. Everyone needs something to hold onto, some hope that dreams can come true.

Deciding to up and leave everything in itself is a tricky decision – one we haven’t taken lightly. We’ve sacrificed potential careers, we’re missing out on loved-ones’ milestones and we’re not always happy!

But we both knew that, while we were in this position of freedom, we had to try.

Why “Nifty Traveller”?

A bit of an inside joke. Did you know Nancy’s nickname/ Rap name is Nifty Gangster?