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Night photography with Timaru Photowalkers

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It was late. We’d had a few wines. The beach was a two-minute walk away.

So, naturally, we took a camera down to the water and had a play.

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An iPhone, a tripod and a few wines and you, too, can create such a photo.

The shutter speed was set to 30 seconds and I had to concentrate on writing the words, backwards (which was difficult a few wines down).

We used our torches on our iPhone, turning them off and on between letters.

It was pretty nifty!

We decided to take the idea to our photowalkers in Timaru. A newspaper article had brought a few more camera enthusiasts out than we had expected – around 50 people showed up.

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There were around 50 photowalkers in Timaru, our biggest group yet!

Adam gave everyone the challenge of capturing another photographer. This produced photographs of photographers, photographing other photographers photographing (try saying that 20 times, fast).

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There’s a fine line between photographers and stalkers.

The challenge also identifies the paparazzi amongst us.

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Some people are naturally more sneaky than others.

While it was still light, Timaru offered pretty gardens, stunning views and weird statues to capture.

The water fountains were perfect for showing people how the longer shutter speed affects moving subjects.

When it started becoming a little darker, we had everyone try out the light effect we had produced previously on the beach. There were a few giggles, but everyone got stuck in.

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Waving torches around might feel a bit silly, but the result is worth it.

Luckily for us, the Christmas lights were still on and people practiced their night-photography before the traffic from the main road won everyone over.

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Christmas lights in January? Only in Timaru! (Don’t quote me on that.)

We must have looked quite funny, all us photographers standing by the road, as we were receiving a lot of attention from passing cars, especially with their horns.

It was the biggest photowalk we have held yet.

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When your friends are into photography, too, you can learn from each other.

We will be in Tekapo soon, the home of stargazing, for another photowalk. I’m so excited!

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Night photography in timaru with the Photowalkers