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Wellington PhotoWalk with Up An Adam

For those of you who don’t know, Adam, from Up An Adam, is my travelling partner. He runs photowalks on our trips, teaching people to take their cameras off the automatic setting for night photography – he’s definitely taught me a few things.

We had booked an overnight ferry, so it was perfect timing for a photowalk while we waited to board.

Around 15 people showed up – some experienced photographers and others who had never understood how the different settings worked.

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A PhotoWalker captures some sights in Wellington.

Adam says photowalks work best when there is a good mixture of abilities – everyone can learn from each other.

We met outside the ferry terminal and, as the group started congregating, Adam introduced himself.

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Adam talks to PhotoWalker Bruce about time lapses.

A couple of women showed up while Adam was busy chatting, so I pointed him out to them. He was wearing a bright-coloured beanie that my brother had brought back from Chile.

“He’s the guy in the ridiculous looking hat,” I said.

I had neglected to mention that I knew him.

Shocked, the two women lowered their voices.

“Shhh, he might hear you.”

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A fancy fish and chip shop in Wellington

I could have explained myself, but I just left the awkwardness to linger – not so nifty.

Although it was a little too light to really get stuck into some long exposure shots – teaches us to check what time the sun goes down – the group had a good walk through the streets of Wellington, past parliament (the Beehive, as Kiwis call it) and ending at a bridge over the motorway to practice using long exposure.

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Practicing using longer shutter speeds.

Our next photowalk is in Timaru. We’ve pushed back the start time, so hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities to practice some night photography.

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A PhotoWalker practices long exposure shots of a motorway.

To see where Adam’s next photowalks are and to check out his pictures, visit his website atΒ

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